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The staff at Salty’s Pet Supply partner with community leaders to get the message out about a number of animal causes we feel strongly about and the founders of Odd Man Inn invited us for a tour of their farm sanctuary. We wanted to share some beautiful stories about the animals at their sanctuary in Washougal, Washington and invite our customers to attend their big Fall Fundraiser Party, the SaSQUASH Art Fest.  Family-friendly and the only admission fee is to bring a SQUASH for the animals!

About Odd Man Inn: 

Odd Man Inn Animal Refuge is a registered 501c3 nonprofit farm animal sanctuary and adoption shelter in Washougal, WA.  They take in animals who are abused, neglected, discarded, or otherwise displaced.  They take in difficult medical cases and animals who have behavior issues.  Since opening the doors as an official nonprofit in 2016, they’ve found safe homes for over 250 farm animals.  They work with county animal control agencies in situations of abuse, neglect, and hoarding.  They also work to provide education about proper animal care and protection of the planet through community service programs for local businesses and schools.

About the SaSquash Festival:

Odd Man Inn’s big annual party is October 12th at the Lacamas Lake Lodge in Camas, WA from 3pm-6pm.  It’s called the SaSQUASH Art Festival, as the only cost for entry is to bring a squash for the animals!  Food, beer, cider, silent art auction featuring work from all over the world, and raffle prizes galore from local businesses who believe in and support compassion for all living beings!

*The photos of these animals were taken by Zahne Calzada Photography.  Visit Zahne on Instagram @zahnecal_photo. Local pro photographer and friend of Odd Man Inn!

These are the stories of animals that needed a second chance. They now live under the care of Wendy and Josh and OVER ONE HUNDRED other farm animals. The animals range from pigs, llamas, sheep, goats, cows, roosters, peacocks, turtles, dogs, cats, pigeons and rabbits, most of which are ready for adoption! The hope is that all of these animals move on from Odd Man Inn to forever homes.  If you’d like more information on adopting, please contact

About the artists:

The SaSQUASH Art Fest is featuring both local and INTERNATIONAL artists from a variety of art styles.  Sculptures, metalwork, oil paintings, prints, wood carvings, pottery, etc.  They are also featuring raffle baskets, gift cards, and prizes sponsored by a host of different businesses.  They are still accepting donations and art submissions until September 15th.  Artists will be featured on the Odd Man Inn social media pages the week before the event.  There will also be ONE artist featured per day in the week leading up to SaSQUASH for an Instagram auction in order to feature that artist to the widest audience possible!  Interested in donating?

Meet Melvin

Melvin is a 5-year-old pot-belly pig who survived a dog attack in his former home but was left untreated for months.  He lost both his ears, and the infection destroyed the bone in his front leg.  The infection in his ears and leg almost took his life.  He was taken into the care of Odd Man Inn on February 2019, and he received immediate professional medical care at Oregon State University.  Though he lost his leg to save his life, he now lives a healthy and happy life of respect and safety at Odd Man Inn.  Melvin was recently chosen as a FINALIST in a nationwide photo contest by Tractor Supply, and he’s a SHINING example of the types of situations that Odd Man Inn works hard to rescue and rehabilitate.

Meet Popcorn

Popcorn is a 2 1/2-year-old Jersey steer.  He was purchased as a newborn baby at the livestock auction and brought home to live in a couple’s HOUSE.  When they decided that was a bad idea, they gave him away on Facebook, which would often be a death sentence for a farm animal.  Popcorn was picked up by a rancher who planned to slaughter him for cheap hamburger meat, but the ladies of the house intervened.  They lobbied for Popcorn’s life, and they reached out to Odd Man Inn.  Popcorn is a RARE dairy industry survivor who lives at Odd Man Inn with his big friend, Goose…. also a Jersey steer who was saved from a livestock auction as a baby.

Meet MagPie

MagPie is a 5-year-old Boer goat who was seized for abuse and neglect by Cowlitz County Animal Control.  She’d been tethered in a yard her entire life without any basic medical care.  Her hooves were 18 inches long and twisted in a way that she was unable to walk.  It was finally reported to authorities when MagPie’s only goat friend died on his tether from lack of food and water.  After several months of legal battle, MagPie’s abuser was found guilty in a court of law of animal cruelty.  She WON her case and now lives as a fulltime resident of Odd Man Inn.  Though her mobility will never be perfect, she’s recovering a little every day as a really beautiful survival story.  She’s been chosen this year as the “SaSQUASH Queen” for the Odd Man Inn Art Festival.  Tees will be on sale as the “special edition” artwork as part of the fundraising for the event.  you’ll be able to find the shirts via the Odd Man Inn social media through Bonfire, and a limited supply of shirts will be available for purchase at the event.


Want to donate to Odd Man Inn? Please consider joining us on Patreon to get behind the scenes information on animal rescues and wildlife rehabilitation details as we earn our WA State permit.  Join for as little as $1/month! Or make a one-time donation via Paypal.  You can also choose Odd Man Inn as your AmazonSmile recipient or choose items to send to the animals from the Amazon Wishlist.

Please consider following Odd Man Inn and all their rescued farm animal antics on Instagram @oddmaninn.   

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